Sunday, November 14, 2010

Trip to the Adelaide museum

We decided fairly spontaneously to make a trip to the Adelaide museum. When we lived in the city we would visit the museum regularly but since moving to the country we haven’t been at all.


We had a really great day. Evie and Georgia were on their best behaviour the whole day. We spent hour walking around the museum and they didn’t complain even once. I am so proud.IMG_6740

Georgia has an interest (read: obsession!) with lizards at the moment so that was her favourite part. All around the museum Georgia kept telling me about the ‘alligator ride’, I kept telling her their were no rides here, just things to look at. Eventually I realised she meant to say ‘elevator’. Little cutie!


Evie loved seeing the whale skeletons, because we learnt about whales this week. She also like seeing the Egyptian mummies.IMG_6744IMG_6742

Everyone likes the stuffed animals, of course.

Afterwards we went to the tea shop for iced chocolates and chai (best chai EVER).


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