Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our New Sonlight Curriculum

We have spent sometime using mainly a natural learning ‘system’ if you can call it that. For this long it has been working for us.

Recently however Evie has wanted to do ‘school work’. This was extremely unexpected. I bought some simple work books for maths, reading, handwriting, and problem solving puzzles. Soon enough Georgia wanted to do ‘school’ to, so I got some books for her too.

We worked with these for a few weeks or so and I realised that we needed something more. I wanted to put in some history, bible study, geography. Before I knew it I was spending hours planning and didn’t seem to be getting any where.

That is when I found Sonlight. This is a complete curriculum, including planning timetables.

Sonlight is literature based learning, which suits my family just fine as we are all book worms.

I decided on the K level core package with the Singapore Maths program, and decided to make our own handwriting sheets using the weekly memory verse.

They arrived on Friday and I entertained myself all weekend by reading the paper work and sorting all the materials.IMG_4531

Look at all these lovely books.


I love them all. The girls were just as excited. Evie was begging me to start school work Friday afternoon. I let her start reading through the level 1 reader. I have to say I was impressed when she read the first five pages with relative ease.

I can’t wait to begin actually teaching and learning with these resources'.


  1. I love the look of Sonlight, but it is definitely more than we can afford now. Do you know if one could just get a manual/lesson plan guide or something and use books from the library without having to buy every book?
    I have been following your blog for a little while, but only today got a chance to look around. Very nice blog here. I left a comment over on your March post about making toffee, but figured you might not see it being so long ago. Was wondering if you would be so kind as to share the recipe. My blog is:
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    Thanks and may the Lord bless you today.

  2. Hi. You can buy just parts of the curriculum. It would definately be cheaper that way. I didn't think it would work for us though as our library doesn't have many of the books listed in the K Core.
    It would be easy enough to get the most necessary peices and find the rest at the library. :)