Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Chattering Ballerina

Evie is so adorable in her ballet uniform. She just loves going to ballet, her teacher is fantastic and very patient with so many little girls (and a boy) in the class.


Parents are not allowed in the class but once or twice a term we are allowed to an open class. The parents all gaze at their child like they are the most highly celebrated prima-ballerina ever to dance at the Opera House, me included.

Although I sigh and chuckle a great deal too because it’s my daughter who is saying “Mrs Champion, this is happy music”, “Mrs Champion, I LOVE this exercise!”, “Mrs Champion, are my toes pointy enough?”, all through the lesson.


Because we home school, ballet is the only ‘class’ type environment that she has experienced. It’s hard to explain to her that there are times when you shouldn’t talk during a lesson.

All the other children seem so shy compared to Evie that I sometimes wonder if it is because we homeschool, or is she just naturally a chatterbox.

The (very few) homeschoolers that we have met in person seem similar to Evie and Georgia in that they will speak with adults in a grown up manner. Non-homeschoolers are always surprised by how grown-up Evie sounds, I have gotten this comment since Evie was 3 or 4 years old.

I’d love to hear of other homeschoolers experience. Do homeschooled children speak in a more adult manner, in general? How do your homeschooled children behave when they are in a ‘class’ environment?


  1. My kids sometimes don't understand behavior expected of kids in a classroom, or even around adults other than the family. I have one son in particular who expects the same respect that adults get, but that children rarely get. He clashes with sarcastic, rude adults (adults who would never be rude to another adult in that way). My kids are confident, but I think it's more because they aren't competing with peers in the knock-down drag-out popularity race that is school, than that they are homeschooled strictly.

    For the most part they do fine in classroom settings, but then they've always had church classes.

  2. I have dad experiance with the 'sarcastic/rude' adults too. Or the ones that talk down to kids like they're stupid... *eye roll*. worse still are the adult who laugh every time they do something 'cute' so now Evie is worried about people laughing at her. grr.
    Sorry didn't mean to vent =)
    I agree about not having to compete in school, that is so true.
    Thanks for commenting

  3. Cute photos :)

    I have to admit when I see other kids Billy's age at cubs etc, I realise how grown up he sounds. I don't notice it other than that, esp with him being an only child.

    Most of the class type situations he's been in are fairly casual anyway but in the few more formal things he's done, he does seem to take it in his stride. I've even seen him put his hand up to answer a question (sometimes!) because that's what the other kids are doing. He adapts fairly well. I think the fact that its a novelty for him helps - I'm pretty sure he wouldn't be so amenable to being treated like that all of the time!