Thursday, June 3, 2010

A little kniting

Sorry I've not posted in so long.
It's been really hecktic around here lately.
I have been sick (I currently have my second flu in two months :( ) I have been working on my studys ( Cert. 3 in child care) and having to do work placement at a kiny and day care as a part of the course.
On top of that Evie has asked me to organise to do a bit of 'school work' each day. I've kind of been making it up as I go along. A bit of reading / writing and math each day and then a bit of either geography, health, or science depending on which day and how much time we want to spend.
The planning has been fun but time consuming and I am soaking up resources from all the blogs and sites I read to fill out the lessons. I can't say how much I love those homeschool mums who put in the time to design so much cool stuff for their own family and then put it up for others to use for free. Im so greatful for that.
I am hoping to post more regularly again now my schedule has slackened a little bit, so I'll just leave you with a photo of the jumber I knit for Georgia. I modified the pattern from Tiki, the Oriental Lilly I love this pattern and I've knit the proper version before but didn't have enough wool to make it longer or even long sleves this time but I love this short sleeve jumper.

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