Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It’s MY time!

Yes that is the theme for the latest Homeschool Blog Hop.

How do you as a busy mum, find some time for you?
What's your sanctuary?
Your place?
Your thing?

I snatch time for myself when ever I can. 5 or 10 minutes here or there does wonders for me.


Free style crafting

I blog, edit photos (of our homeschooling lol), craft, sewing, knitting and watching a movie, reading.

wearing Auntie Tracy's tutu

Dress ups and dancing

One of the things that I like need to do each day is read. I sit down with the girls at breakfast and lunch and I will read a chapter (or two) of whatever I am reading at the time. I will still chat and answer questions with the girls but mostly I like to sit and read. They will finish lunch, put their dishes on the sink and go play and I will sit and read till I’m done. I sometimes feel really lazy because I may sit and read for a good long while, but it’s nice to have that relaxation in the middle of the day.


Building with Lego

I often find that other mums think I’m weird wonder how I manage being around my children all the time. They are mums who dread school holidays because their children will be home all the time, and “the could never homeschool and have their children home all the time!”


Puppy hair styling

I really don’t mind being with my girls all the time, I have never done it any other way, and I wouldn’t want to send them away every day. I do actually want them with me. This does of course mean that I never shop alone, the only books I get to look at in the library are picture books, I don’t get to go to the gym every day, the last time I went to the hair dresser was when Georgia cut off all her hair, I only know what day it is when I get to see Play School. To some mothers this sort of restriction must seem horrifying but I truly don’t mind it. P08-05-10_17.36

Using my phone to take freaky self portraits

That’s just the way roll!


Performing songs with wooden-knife-microphones

But honestly I do get plenty of time to myself. The girls are really independent and will play together for ages with out needing me. If I really wanted I could ignore them for most of the day (and not even have to turn on the tv) and they’d only bother me when they get hungry! lol!


Building a tent and making ‘camp food’


I hate a post with out pictures so I included photos of the girls entertaining themselves while I was; off having my nails done (aka painting my own nails in the bathroom, lunching with the girls (aka texting my sister while eating an apple), working out at the gym (aka folding washing), taking a gourmet cooking lesson (aka making tea)


  1. Love this post and thanks so much for joining in.

    I'm not sure if you have participated before or not but for the blog hop to work properly the code needs to be included in your post. You can grab it by clicking on the Get Code link at the bottom of my blog hop post...please let me know if you have any problems with it. :)

  2. I also don't mind having my kids with me all day! Other people DO seem horrified by the thought, but I'm horrified by the thought of leaving them all somewhere else! ;-)
    I also enjoy reading - it's so relaxing.
    Thanks for sharing - I've enjoyed your post

    (fellow blog-hopper)

  3. Thanks Kylie I totally forgot about that part.
    Felicity - I totally agree, I just can't bring myself to leave them. I even feel sad when they have sleep overs with my parents, I end up talking to myself because I forget I'm alone!!

  4. I don't like posts without pictures either, so I do the same thing, and the pictures are great!

    So, what type of books do you read?

    Mine could play all day, but they want me to play with them, whenver I will.

  5. Hello there, visiting through the blog hop - it's nice to "meet" you. And I completely agree you and the other mom above - I love having my kids with me all day - that's why we had them :-)


  6. Your PS made me giggle. :) I love to be with my boys, a girlfriend asked me to walk with her on the beach yesterday and I asked if she minded if the boys came, and she kind of got excited and invited her son to join us. I mean come on - its the beach right? I think people just assume you can only in hale and ex hale peacefully w/o noise. I forget to exhale without it. :)