Friday, June 25, 2010

Bird Nest Craft

We have been learning a bit about birds lately, we’ve looked at lifecycles, native birds, made bird feeders.

Today we made nests.


making nests for our bird study

I gave the girls a paper bowl each and put out some scraps of crape paper streamers, fake feathers, pipe cleaners, cellophane, and curling ribbon.

making nests for our bird study

The girls enjoyed gluing the bits into the bowl to make a good nest. making nests for our bird study making nests for our bird study

When Evie was finished she wanted to make a bird to go in the nest too. We cut a circle and she added some wings and googly eyes and a beak cut from a patty-pan.

Evie's finished bird and nest

Georgia wanted to make a bat instead of a bird though… I’m not sure why. She seems fascinated with bats at the moment.


  1. These are gorgeous and a craft for children of varying ages. Will have to remember these. :)

  2. those are cute. Much better than the nest I tried with my kids.