Friday, April 23, 2010

(Un)Clean Fun Friday

Mess is always fun, at least that was the theory behind today's activity.
I planned to make pizza for tea and the girls were restless while I was trying to get the dough for the bases put together. Georgia decided that she wanted to help, knowing that she usually just ends up paddling in the flour, I decided to let her do just that.

I gave her a tray filled with flour. I may be nuts but...
Evie wanted one to.

They played, made sandcastles, caves, told stories and drew pictures in the flour for ages.
Beware if you want to try this at home, this is not something to do if you don't like to have flour on the floor, cupboards, sink, pot plants not to mention the children. lol.
But they did have fun. Which proved my theory.

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