Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I know it's late but....

Though that I'd share some photos from our Easter weekend.
We took a trip to Innes National Park in the very south of South Australia.
The plan was to leave in the early hours of Friday morning and hope to get there before all the camp sites were taken.

We were lucky enough not to miss out entirely, most of the sites were full, we got into the Steinhouse bay campground. The ground was hard as rock and we bent half our tent pegs trying to hammer them in.

The wind was so intense that it was only the ropes holding the tent up the entire time. The wind kept up the entire day and night and was probably worse on Saturday.
There was no water available, all the rain water tanks were empty because there were so many people camping. Luckily we had bought plenty with us.

We all didn't sleep well Friday night due to the wind noise. We soldiered on and were determined to go places and have fun.

We visited Browns Beach were we had a lot of fun climbing on the rocks and looking for interesting shells and creatures. We climbed into a little cave and followed emu tracks along the beach.

For lunch we picnicked on Pondalowie Bay beach, and enjoyed a couple of hours relief from the wind. We ate and watched surfers, made sandcastles and checked out a ship wreck on the beach.

We decided against staying for an extra night and packed up and went home Saturday afternoon. We arrived home to gorgeous sunshine and not a breath of wind.
On Sunday we had an Easter egg hunt, and cleaned up and recuperated from the camping trip.
While we enjoyed our weekend I doubt we will be returning to this park anytime soon, and never again on a long weekend. The whole park was over populated and noisy (teenagers blaring car stereos), not at all the restful retreat to nature that we were looking forward to.

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