Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rainy Day

Autumn is obviously here because our weather is completely messed up. On day it's 36+ degrees C and the next its 20C and pouring with rain.
On the day that it poured with rain I decided the day wasn't good for much but cuddling on the couch.
To keep us entertained I crochet some lovely little slippers based on a pattern from Good Knits that I found via Ravelry.

I am a very new crochet-er and these were too too simple to figure out. I made both pairs in the morning while watching Master Chef on DVD. I made the toe section a bit higher so that they wouldn't need the strap and would cover the foot a bit more. I put little tassels on Georgia's slipped which she liked but Evie wasn't impressed with the little flowers I crocheted to put on the toe she we took them off.
I altered the size of the pattern to fit the girls feet, just by trying on as I went along.

They are both so happy with their little slippers, and were skating around on the tiled floor pretending to be ice skating all morning.

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  1. I love the slippers. Crocheting is one of the most stress relieving things I can think of.

    This is the link for the rose pattern from WR.


    The pattern is further down on the page.