Monday, March 15, 2010

Muffin Tin Monday: Green

This weeks MTM theme was green.
Sadly two of our favourite foods are green - kiwi fruit and grapes... and there was none in the fridge!! Shocking!
We did have yogurt (with some green food colouring), which according the Georgia is the most amazing thing ever! She was really excited.

Also green olives, cucumber, sweet gherkins, pesto on bread, and avocado.
And because I knew that they might not (totally wont) try the cucumber and gherkin I added some banana and a shortbread biscuit too.
I was right they wouldn't try the cucumber or gherkin, but Evie and Georgia were both really interested that they were the same fruit even though they looked totally different.


  1. JDaniel loves bread and butter pickles. Maybe they would have gone over better. The banana and biscuit make me green with envy. We love them at my house.

  2. great idea to use pickles & olives - I didn't think of that!

  3. My son loves olives (just like his mom!). We actually used them for bribes when potty training.

  4. I wish I had thought to grab olives, my husband hates them so we never have them around...

    Great meal!

  5. We had pickles in our fridge and I didn't even think about using them. Great tin!

  6. dude. olives and gherkins are all the green anybody needs.

  7. Nice tin, I never even thought of olives.

  8. I love that you served a pickle and a cucumber together!

    My kids were thrilled to get kiwi in their tins, and were not content with 1/2 each, so we had to dig back into the fridge for more.