Tuesday, March 2, 2010

MTM Something a little different

I did something a little different this week for MTM.

I made it for myself.

The girls decided they would have boiled eggs and toast soldiers for lunch today (fair enough) and I felt like having something different.

Here is my lunch;

Dill pickles

Chilli pickled onions


Carrot sticks

French onions dip

Lemon yogurt

And some Kabana in the middle

My lunch was fantastic, and it may just happen more often.

Something else that will (I hope) be happening more often is me, posting. I have been slack of late and now I'm suffering from blog-neglect-induced-guilt.

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  1. I eat out the muffin tin too! It makes me feel like a kid again. Great tin.

  2. What a treat! How fun to make one for you.

  3. nice! maybe i'll make one for myself the next go round!