Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Magic of The Faraway Tree - or - Chewy Caramels

We are currently reading the Magic Faraway Tree books Written by Enid Blyton. Evie LOVES these stories and we read at least one chapter a day.
In the first book, the children must pay 'Moon Face' with a bag of toffee in order to use his slide down the tree.
I though it would be exciting to make our own chewy toffees.

Needles to say this was a popular idea. I know for a fact that Georgia ate more than she asked me for because I kept catching her putting her wrappers in the bin (bless her)

Wrapping the toffee was fun to. =)
Sadly, I didn't note the site where I pulled the recipe so I can't link to it. It is a full page of writing and I can't be bothered typing it up tonight. But if anyone is interested I am happy to share the recipe.
The ingredients include, cream, condensed milk, light corn syrup, water, sugar and butter. The recipe involves boiling sugar and measuring temperature with a candy thermometre. Evie was really interested in how the temperatures changed, Georgia was interested in when she could eat it.

The toffee was AMAZING. Sweet, chewy, delicious flavour. A 20x20cm pan worth, lasted two days. I did foist them onto as many people as possible... why should it only be my butt that suffers?! Not one person refused a second toffee, I take this as a good sign.


  1. Oooh, can I have the recipe please? It looks soooo good! I have some of these books too, I wonder if my nearly 5 yr old boy would be interested in them...

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