Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good bye Summer

Summer is over. Too sad, but true. Summer is my favourite season, swimming at the breach or the pool, fishing, playing under the sprinkler in the back yard, eating ice cream, camping - what is not to love?!
But here comes Autumn, here that means wind, and LOTS of it. The heat is easing, goodbye to 40 degree days, hello 25 degrees.
Cold weather has its advantages, baking, wood fires, camping, snuggling, soup, hot chocolate.
But Summer is my favourite.
This weekend we ended Summer with what may well be our last trip to the pool. This Summer has been one big swimming lesson for Evie, although she refuses to be 'taught'. When ever anyone offered to help her or show her how to do anything she says 'no thanks, I'm fine'. She is so stubbornly independent. She has learned how to breaststroke, under water (hence the goggles) because she couldn't float yet to swim with her head above water. In the last week she figured out how to float on her back and she can manage a short swim with her head above the water. What is amazing about Evie is that she figures it all out herself, from watching others and through trial and error. She is really amazing.

Georgia takes to water like a duck, not surprising since she was born underwater. She loves the pool. At the start of the summer she wouldn't go in the water with out her floaty ring but she gradually got more comfortable and loved walking around in the pool with out it, but still using it to float around and do a little doggy paddle.

Daniel took us fishing on the last day of summer. It blew a gale and was actually a bit cold but we had a fun morning.
We didn't catch anything, the purpose of the trip was really just to give Evie some practice at casting her rod before we go camping at Easter. She loves to fish and was really thrilled to get out there.

Georgia just wanted to pat the bait worm and climb over the rocks, she really enjoyed having her own rod to hold though, especially because it's pink and the reel has lights.

We had a good morning, even if it was almost windy enough to blow us right off the rocks.
This is Evie casting her own line out, she is just dying to go some where to actually catch something.

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  1. Hi,

    Thankyou for following my blog, as a newbie to this I was very excited to see your name! My computer has been poorly so it has taken a while to find you but its fun to hear you writing about the end of summer when we are eagerly awaiting spring. I love your pics, I'm a bit of a seaside maniac but live at the moment about as far from the sea as is possible in the UK. Your children are gorge and I love the independence of your Evie. Love Janey x