Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creation Lap Book

Following a conversation with Evie about where 'everything came from' and her absolute wonder at my answer 'God made everything' and her total fascination with what heaven might be like (and where?) and what God looks like (this is a very important issue) I decided it might be fun to try to make a few lap books about bible stories.
This is new for us, our first lap book but it wont be the last because Evie loved it. Georgia had her own little task which she loved too.
We got all the lap book printable's for free from Creation Crafts and some from DLTK.

We read the creation story from our children's bible, and Evie was really excited to start.
First we glued a label on the front cover of the file folder.
Next Evie coloured a picture of a girl with a label 'God made Me' which she read out (her reading is getting better). Can you tell from the picture that we cut fabric and glued it to the picture for clothes, the picture has the same fabric for a skirt that Evie does (I had left over from when I sewed the skirt) Evie loved this

Next Evie coloured the hands holding the world and we glued it so that it would pop up when the folder opened. We also covered the hands with gold glitter so they would look more like God's hands (Evie's idea).
I folded a little book with the creation story which we read and stapled to the folder.
The sequence cards had dotted words for Evie to trace to write Day 1, Day 2 ect. so she got the practice her writing, letters and numbers. =)
The wheel has the illustrations and descriptions of the days of creation, we secured this with a split pin so it would turn.
Georgia coloured her own little person and was careful to make it look just like her; 'gold' hair, brown eyes, etc. She loves to colour in and she is pretty good at it I think.

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