Monday, February 1, 2010

My Little Animal Rescuer

I probably should stop being surprised by the creativity that Evie shows me each day. After all she comes up with so many ideas to make or design things. Her little inventions are lined up along our shelves, and her art work is everywhere.
Georgia tags along enjoying whatever activity Evie dreams up for them to do, while I try to keep up with the speed of these ideas and translate Evie's ideas into something that we can achieve with the contents of the craft cupboard. It still makes me laugh when she thinks up something completely unexpected.

Luckily for me today's design was simple; an Animal Rescuer badge ala Diago the Animal Rescuer. What could be easier than a slip of paper and a paper clip?

Evie and Georgia both play the online games featuring the character (we don't watch tv) and love 'rescuing' the animals.

Georgia would much rather be the animal, in today's case a baby jaguar who gets into trouble and needs to be 'rescued' by Evie the Animal Rescuer.

Last week she also made a Animal Rescuer Guide Book like the one that Diago carries. It is a little stapled together notebook and she has made pictures of what Diago has inside his book. She is showing a picture of a key board and a video window.
And of course a baby Jaguar trapped in a washing basket...

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