Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Little Pony

The school where my dad works has a little farm area with a miniature pony that the students care for. A little while ago they found out she was pregnant, and a little while after that she had a little pony-foal.

We went to visit one weekend, and the foal is so adorable, barely up to my knees, and galloping around the yard.
The girls were fascinated and wanted to bring both the pony's home until I pointed out the rather large pile of pony poo waiting to be used on the school vegie garden. My girls do not fancy the idea of cleaning up poo (thank goodness).

We watched the pony gallop around, trip over it's own hooves and play about in the dirt. We fed the mother pony some carrots and watched the foal feed from it's mother.
This was a lovely life lesson.

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