Wednesday, January 13, 2010

More Baby Craft

My husband gave me the book Crafty Minx by Kelly Doust for Christmas along with a KitchenAid mixer (isn't he fantastic, I love them) so I have been happily figuring out what projects I can make and for whom.

I my last post I mentioned that my sister is having a baby in April, so this gives me so many reasons to sew, knit, and anything else I can think of. there is a cute little project in the book of door stops made out of scrap fabric sewn into a 'brick' shape and filled with rice. I was inspired to make some soft cubes with a bell inside for baby 'Bean' to play with when he arrives (and grows a bit).

I followed the instructions in the book except I cut six squares 12.5cm high to make a cube instead of a rectangle. I stuffed it with pillow filling and put a small bell in the middle.

This is a cute way to use scrap fabric.

The little duck is a free tutorial from Nosey Nest, there are some seriously cute patterns over there. Little Bean just might be getting a Dragon softie as well ;) .
The duckie was so easy, I made him from yellow fleece with denim wings and beak. He has a little bell too.


  1. Looks very cute. I love your projects.

  2. These are adorable! You are so talented. And, your hubby is a great gift giver, I agree :)