Monday, December 14, 2009

Kid Safe Snow Globes

This craft was inspired by my children's desire (obsession) with snow globes. They seem to be everywhere at the moment. Last year the girls had a small one each, but sadly, they were carried everywhere and played with at every opportunity, and they were broken. It was a sad day.
This year when the girls started asking to buy every snow globe we saw, I decided we would try to make some at home.
We started off digging out some plastic jars, then hunting for some suitably sized Christmas figurines. Both the girls decided to have a reindeer.
I glued the reindeer into the lids of the jars, filled the jar with water and (way too much) glitter.

The result is pretty cute and most importantly satisfied the craving.
I offered to cover the lid with some pretty Christmas ribbon but this idea was quickly stomped on by the short people, so if they look plain - don't blame me :p .

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