Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Five french Hens

Okay so in the song it's only four french hens (you 12 Days Of Christmas ;) ) but my true love gave me five, he just loves me that much!
The breed is Faverolle, they are the cutest little chickens ever. They are still quite flighty and scared of people, but they are only 14 weeks old at this point.
The girls love them. We have been feeding them wheat and pellets as well as kitchen scraps and they have grown so much in the three weeks we've had them.

We can't wait to be getting our own eggs, but that might be a few months down the track yet.

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  1. Hahaha. Who is Alexa Chung?? Excellent question. Who knows! She's one of those stupid celebrities who have become celebrities for no apparent reason. She has a talk show in England and wears interesting clothes and uncreative style bloggers spend all their time going on about her and it's getting very boring!

    Gorgeous chickens!! There is nothing in the whole world sweeter than baby animals :)