Friday, November 13, 2009

What we do all day

I set up a bit of an activity table in our 'work room' this week, it worked out so well that I will try to keep updating it with new things to do.

Today's lunch included a chocolate coated banana

This is a Magnet activity. I filled a tin with some magnetic and some noon-magnetic thing from around the house, and a couple of magnets glued to sticks with a sheet of paper to sort them on.

This activity was Evie's idea, we made snowflakes, raindrops and clouds. The girls bedroom and playroom doorway are now decorated with them.

We bought some paper doll books, these have been brought out a lot in the last few days.

A couple of maths worksheets. It is much easier to get Evie to do worksheets if they are not in the book... go figure.

A printed map of Australia and some puzzle pieces

Some egg shaped word and picture matching puzzles. I got these from My Montessori Journey

they were a big his with Evie and she managed it all very well. I was surprised at how well she sounded out the letters and put them together to find out the word.

Evie also made some stencils out of A4 paper and painted them onto a big sheet, this was also her idea and she did all the planning for it.

Georgia did painting as well and some counting games with dice, her favorite thing this week was the magnetic tray.

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