Monday, November 23, 2009

Colour Mixing

One day last week Evie went to stay with my mum for a few hours. Georgia gets a bit bored without Evie and probably a bit lonely too. They are together all the time and they are so close as to be inseparable, so Georgia is pretty sad when her big sister is not around.

It was when Georgia was feeling down and asking when Evie was going to be home that I thought of doing this little activity with her. I was making tea so I just set her up at the sink where she could play away.

I got three medicine cups and filled them with water and added some food colouring (red, yellow and blue). I gave her a chocolate mould with different shaped holes and a spoon to scoop the colours into the holes.

She was busy and happy and excited mixing the colours, emptying and starting over again for 40minutes or so. Georgia was really impressed with mixing the colours together and finding out what happens. She mixed blue and red a dozen times over and still squealed with delight when she made purple. She was so cute to watch.
I got the idea from My Montessori Journey, she has so many fantastic ideas that I want to try them all.

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