Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Animals in the tent

As a very small child I had a tin of plastic animal and (gasp) cowboys and indians (shocking I know) I have passed this tin on to my children, and I am really proud that it comes out almost everyday and gets used it so many different ways. Here is one way and this is another...

Georgia wanted to play in a tent today and brought the animals with her. She actually sorted them into types of animals (kangaroos, dinosours, rinos, cows etc) then ofcourse they all made friends and had adventures together.

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  1. I too had the cowboys and indians but my favorite was my whole menagerie of farm animals! I'd play with them constantly. Now I buy my daughter the Schleich brand animals. (I think I love them more than her!) In response to your comment at my blog (aayla do montessori) Daddy time went well for a while but it's been a struggle because she really only sees him on weekends and at night just in time to go to bed so... when she sees him come home at night that means it's bedtime and that's not good in her mind. Poor Daddy, Poor A.-girl!