Thursday, November 5, 2009

10 second craft

There are times, when you have kids (and homeschooling), that you just can't drop everything your doing (or planned) when the kids get bored or if yours are like mine; want to make something.

So I try to have a little mental list of things that are quick and easy to make and don't take much prep or cleaning up. Sometimes these activites are a really big hit (sometimes not but they do acheive their purpose) and today was one of those days.

This activity the kids made themselves after I had explained what to do and then just ran away with it (and I got stuff done *gasp*).

It doesn't get simpler than rolling a piece of card into a cone and using it for a megaphone or for listening.

The girls were so excited that their voices could sound so loud (becasue they need help with that -riiiiiight) and they could also here very quiet sounds more clearly.

This fit into a senses theme that we were doing at the time also.

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