Monday, October 12, 2009

Pirate lunch

This week's muffin tin we strayed from the theme and went for a 'game' lunch instead. Labelled a pirate lunch because we used our pirate bandanas from the dress up box for blindfolds.

We are focusing on senses at the moment so I prepared the lunch in secret and blindfolded the girls and had them guess by taste and smell and touch, what they were eating.

They had tones of fun with this lunch, and they learned a lot about using our senses and explaining what their thinking.

They ate; camembert cheese, meat ball, strawberry, banana, and some bread with nutella and vegimite to spread over it.
After lunch we played a pirate version of Blind Man's Bluff with the Pirate who is blindfolded having to use their hearing to chase the other players (all saying 'ahrrr') and touch to guess who it is.

This was a very fun game even for Daddy who learned how to play to.


  1. How fun! And a great idea to go along with teaching the senses. I am going to have to keep it in mind.

  2. VERY cute idea to go w. the senses theme! :)

  3. SO fun! Good idea to tie it all together.

  4. What a cute idea!! I bet your kiddos had a blast!