Monday, October 12, 2009

Completed project

As part of the girls spring/summer wardrobe I had planned to make them 'dressed-up' dresses for when we are going out (it does happen...sometimes). I bought the fabric for the dresses ages ago when Spotlight near us was having a sale. There was a whole table of fabric for $1 a metre (*sigh* that was a good day).

The pattern was a gift from my mum; NewLook 6688. Very cute looking on the packet, and labelled 'easy'. It turned out cute, but it wasn't easy. I had to get a zip lesson from my mum because the instructions were so vague and confusing.

All in all I am happy with the results, so are Evie and Georgie, I had them try the dresses on so I could fix the straps and they are still wearing them even though it's really cold today and they should be in pants and skivvies. Lol.

Pattern – gift, free
Fabric – two metres each with lining - $4
Ribbon trim - $1
Zip – from op-shop 10c each – 20c
Tule – on hand leftover from tutu – free
So, all up it cost $5.20 for two formal dresses. Not bad.

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  1. How sweet! The girls look like they love their new dresses. I have always wanted to be able to sew clothing.