Tuesday, September 15, 2009

School Today

Evie remains fascinated by the fact that other kids go to school and we do not.
I suppose it is sort of confusing for her since we are the only homeschooling family that she knows.
There are so many types of media out there talking about school, on kids tv shows, movies and books.
Evie is at the age when the only thing people we meet when we are out can think of to say is "do you go to school yet?" It is all I can do not to groan out loud, in the past I have simply said no, not yet. Now though I have begun to tell everyone that we are homeschooling.
I have not had any negative comments (yet) but I have had a lot of questions and I think I will have to practice answering them so I don't sound so stupid trying to answer them.
Today it got to the point where Evie was actually complaining that she wants to go to school. Oh no! How do I deal with this?!
I decided to give the girls a bit of a 'school at home' experience. I set up two old school desks in our work room ( where we normally do craft or use the computer ) gave them a tin each with their supplies ( pens pencils, glue, scissors etc ) and gave Evie the work books that I purchased months ago that she got bored of after two days. Georgia happily sat and coloured/cut up paper. They called me 'Teacher' and put up their hands to talk, cute.
This picture is from several hours after bed time, it looked a lot more fun at about 2pm with paper and books flying everywhere.
They worked away for a while before Georgia declared 'I berry tired mummy' and Evie decided it was snack time. Then they ended up here;

'School' work is okay I guess, so long as it says fun for them. Then the natural learning tools really do pay off.

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