Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Muffin tin monday - Apples

Apples are a tough sell in this household, Evie wont touch 'em. Okay, she'll touch 'em, chop 'em, peel 'em, cook 'em, but no way will she eat 'em! Georgie on the other hand will only eat them with the peel off and not if they are cut or other wise tampered with.
In order to make a tricky MTM theme work for us I thought of making muffin sized apple pies. We had a lot of fun making them.
Both girls helped with the pastry until Georgie got bored and decided the strawberries looked tastier. Evie soldiered on helping piece together the pie bases patching cracks and having a nibble when she thought I wasn't looking.

Evie gave peeling an apple a go, did mighty well for a first try. Georgia occupied herself by taking one bite out of each apple "just tasting dem", well at least we know they're good apples now!

They were both really surprised to see the star inside the apple. Does anyone remember the story about that? It has something to do wtih the apple being a house of something? I remember my grandfather telling me the story but I don't remember how it went.
The pies turned out delicious, Evie didn't eat any, Georgie ate half. Oh well, at least Daniel will be happy that there is leftovers for lunch tomorrow, he's always saying he wants to have MTlunch too...

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  1. This post was too funny with the photo of her eating the strawberries! :) Also, thanks for the reminder on the apple star! I want to show that to my boys.