Tuesday, September 22, 2009

King Me?

I am always on the look out for new ways or things to craft, I have a huge list of tutorials all sorted and labled in my favorites list.
This Checker board project from I Heart Linen is from that list, and I have been dying to make it for ages. Evie's 5th birthday seemed like a great excuse.
I followed the instructions for construction but instead of linen I used some heavy denim and a cute pattern fabric from my stash. I didn't use batting because the denim made it so sitff and strong any way.
I added a pocket to the back to store the buttons in and a hair band to the edge so the board could be folded and put in my bag for when we go out and the kids might get bored and just for easy storage.
My squares and not so neat and pretty as the origional but they're not too bad for a first bit a patchworking.
Evie loves it, we have played a few times and she is getting the hang of the rules quite well. I love to play checkers too so its great for both of us.

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