Monday, September 28, 2009

I made a point of recording some of our 'learning' this week. I tried to keep the camera close all the time so I could quickly snap a photo of whatever was going on at the time.
The one that is tough about natural learning is the record keeping, and every now and then I have a little freak out because I just can't tell if we are learning or not. Taking photos of all these little thing really helped me pay more attention to what we are doing each day and take note of all the educational stuff.

These photos aren't everything we did because somethimes I just didn't get the camera out quick enough.

Planing seeds in the front garden, baking cookies and carrot cakes, a matching game

Making steamed buns, found a red back spider (she was huge) this brought on a huge discussion of spiders, building a rocket out of a bottle and paper, playing monopoly.
Leapster games, lacing cards.
We also did some other gardening, painting, reading looking at these photos I think we had a pretty productive week. I think I'll be doing this project again ;)

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