Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Museum Trip

It had been a while since we had visited the Pirie museum, so long that I doubt either of the girls remembered the first time.
The highlight of the visit, in the girls opinion was definately the train engine. This engine used to run down the middle of the main street untill the 1970's.

The best part for me is always the homewares, thanking God that I own an automatic frontloader and not a wash board and wringer *shudder*. I love the mock up of a bedroom and living room, lace bed clothes doilies, crochet, the tea sets and silverware. *sigh* Sorry no photos of those. I did get a pic of some lovely embroidery that I'd like to try to replicate sometime. Aparently this is a cusion cover from Belgium that foud its way to Pt Pirie in the first world war. All that lovely chain stitching, yum.

After the museum we splurged on some gelato and sat in the sun.

Then visited my sister and played frisbie and mucked about with some photos in the back yard.

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