Monday, July 13, 2009


As a homeschooler I am really still trying to find my feet. There is a big world out there full of different learning and teaching methods. All of them are great and interesting, if not totally suited to us.

I am still searching for the perfect method for us, and while I am leaning slowly towards a natural learning lifestyle, I am finding it hard to trust myself to do this capably.

I bought a set of books last fortnight that I have been working through with Evie which she seem to like to do sometimes. She prefers the maths book mostly, she is quite good with counting, grouping, shapes, spotting differences etc. Science is also a new favorite, the book also has lots of activity ideas which will be fun to try.

The phonics book is good, Evie's letter writing is really improving. She can already sing the alphabet, identify all the letters and say their names and most of the phonetic sounds. Doing the activities in the book is really helping to reenforce what she already knows. Putting the sounds together is still a bit out of reach though. I wonder if this is because I am not explaining so that she can understand or if Evie is just not ready to begin that yet.

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